Curriculum Vitae

World Information Transfer Current

Associate at World Information Transfer, an NGO of ECOSOC consultative status for the United Nations.  Engages in dialogue that raises awareness and poses solutions for the world’s migrant crisis, and the most critical issues facing the International Community.

Unframe Current

Contributing Photojournalist to Unframe, a collective of dedicated international photojournalists building an independent resource of documentary photography. Unframe developed its sustainable concept of organization run by its members focused on bringing awareness to specific contemporary issues through the photographic medium. 

Phnom Penh Post 2017

Reporter for the Phnom Penh Post, the leading source of news in Cambodia. Tasked with conducting independent research, pitching stories of local significance, facilitating interviews, and composing insightful articles that detail the impact of economic and social development in Cambodia.

NurPhoto Current

Contributing Photographer to Nurphoto Agency. NurPhoto, which is a benchmark for quality photography, works more than 500 photos per day in digital format on major news, politics, economics, sports and entertainment in all around the world.

Lensational Current

Program Development Officer at Lensational. Lensational believes that the medium of photography can be used to help girls in marginalized communities find empowerment. Through the acquisition of a valuable skill, our photography training programs offer an opportunity for women to support themselves financially and cultivate an artistic medium to express themselves freely.

Global Hope Network 2016

Photojournalist for the Global Hope Network, an international nonprofit implementing sustainable and transformational development programs to communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Composed a photographic essay focused on the health crisis in Kenya driven by insufficient health care, scarcity of clean drinking water, malnutrition, and the aids epidemic, as well as the struggle for youth to achieve an education.

Oda Foundation 2016

Fellow and photographer with the Oda Foundation, a nonprofit organisation supporting sustainable community development within the remote village of Odanaku in the Karnali Zone of Nepal. Responsible for managing the Oda Foundation's Community and Education Center, as well as the execution of a photojournalism project regarding the societal struggles faced by women in rural Nepali villages.

End Malaria Now 2015

Community Outreach specialist with a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eradicate the spread of malaria in Africa. Worked to raise awareness and support for the prevention of malaria in marginalized communities.

Tanzania  2015

Contracted individually with the Kilimanjaro Orphanage in Moshi, Tanzania. Assisted with the schooling of young students, ages four to six, as they learned fundamental mathematics and the basics of reading and writing in both English and Swahili. Also provided tutoring for older students in primary and secondary school in all subjects needed, such as mathematics, geography, earth sciences, and English.